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Not Amused - AoT/SnK Oneshot
“And when he did…her head fell off!”
Sasha squeals with excitement, looking at the people congregated around the fire, trying to see who has gotten freaked out the most. They can easily be divided into three groups:
The Scared, which includes Krista and Reiner, who are currently clinging to each other for dear life, and Connie, who is peeking out from under his Cadet jacket that he has pulled up over his head.
The Enraptured, consisting of a very attentive Armin, a slightly entertained Bertolt, and a wide-eyed Eren.
And The Indifferent, made up of Mikasa and Annie, who, as usual, have very little to read on their faces.
Jean, however, has a category all to himself: The Not Amused. He rolls his eyes, hoisting himself to his feet and brushing the dirt from his pants.
“Hey, where are you going?” Connie asks, his voice muffled from under his jacket.
“This is lame. I’d seriously rather run laps til sunup.” Jean scoffs, starting away from the f
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 1 1
Mature content
Eren x Reader - Late Nights :iconteddyten:TeddyTen 13 0
Mature content
Barnaby Brooks Jr. x Reader - Threshold :iconteddyten:TeddyTen 6 2
Canada x Reader - White Fluff
Running in circles, hands thrown out to your sides, you tromp through the fresh snow that sparkles in the uncharacteristic sunshine of midday. You quickly get dizzy, and you stop running and fall dramatically backwards, sinking into the foot or so of white powder that covers the yard, and the neighborhood, as far as the eye can see. You giggle, sliding your arms and legs back and forth in the snow, making the biggest possible wings and dress for your snow angel. Closing your eyes, you thoroughly enjoy breathing in the crisp, cool air that stings at your flushed cheeks.
“Uh, (name)?” A soft voice calls out to you, and you lift your head an inch or two but still can’t see past your puffy winter coat. Setting your hat-swaddled head back onto the ground, you stare up at the blue sky, puffing your cheeks out and letting the warm air out slowly, watching it rise and disappear.
“(Name).” The voice says again, and something pokes your leg. You haul yourself up, wi
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 36 6
Spain x Reader - Rainy Fridays
Tapping your toe against the shiny tiles of the terminal, you look at your watch and sigh. The airport announcer said five minutes ago that Flight Whatever from Who-The-Hell-Cares-istan had arrived and the passengers were all unloaded. So where is he?
It’s not like you even want to be here right now, spending your Friday night in the airport waiting to pick up your best friend’s cousin because she got stuck at work. Friday nights are for relaxing and drinking wine, and certainly not for waiting around under fluorescent lights for a man you’d never met, let alone never being told what he looks like.
Your feet are killing you. Eight – no, make that ten now - hours in five inch heels without a chance to stop home and change are doing absolutely nothing to help your mood at the moment. You’re tired, you’re frustrated, and so help you god if that announcer tells the whole airport not to leave any belongings unattended even one more time, you are mo
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 32 7
Turkey x Reader - Mr. Adnan
“Where the Can Bartu* is that iğrenç* file folder?”
There’s the sounds of papers shuffling, then of something falling to the floor, coming from behind the closed door leading to your boss’s office. You sigh, setting down your cold tea – it was warm an hour and a half ago, but your boss is way behind on his paperwork this morning and you’ve spent the whole time you’ve been here frantically trying to catch him up. Pushing your reading glasses up to rest on top of your currently disheveled (h/c) hair, you stand from your cluttered desk and make your way across the room to the door, rapping your knuckles softly against the door.
No response.
“Mr. Adnan?”
Again, nothing.
You open the door slowly, stepping into the office – suffice to say a tornado would have left the room cleaner. Papers are piled almost floor to ceiling, and strewn about the place haphazardly, though your boss would insist he knows where everything is if
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 29 6
Dean x Reader - Angel With A Shotgun
A bit of language in this, you've been warned.
I don’t want to go. Not like this.
Echoing through the murk of your consciousness, the thought stings like a hot knife in your gut. It almost out-shadows the true pain radiating from your belly, a sickly warm feeling that singes up your spine and renders you utterly helpless.
A pair of worn out cowboy boots comes into your fading vision, walking closer to you across the dirty wooden floor. The vicious grin on his face can be felt like a fever across your skin. You moan softly, hand slowly finding the wound, wet and tender under your sliced shirt.
Damnit, (name)! I told you not to go without me.
Dean slams his palm down on the steering wheel, his free hand brought to his mouth to chew absentmindedly on his thumbnail. A gross habit, you’d called it, and you’d almost gotten him to quit. It only comes out now when he’s concerned. And oh, hell, is he concerned.
A shifter for Christ’s sa
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 3 2
Say Something - Hetalia One-Shot
Hell on Earth. What a phrase.
Rain plummets down from above, spattering the already filthy uniform he wears, sloughing off the mud, if only for a second. It's freezing cold, and the constant onslaught of water does nothing to help the situation. He shivers, brushing off the cold as he fumbles with numb fingers to reload his gun. The bullets slip from his grasp, clattering to the muddy ground.
All around, people are shouting. Guns are firing. There's screaming. People are dying. The battle rages on. It swirls around him like a hurricane – a vast blur of metal and cloth and blood. The smell of gunpowder hangs in the air.
He scrambles to retrieve the ammunition, rubbing it feverishly on his pants to clean off the debris that clings to it. He loads the gun, takes a deep breath, and sits up to look over the barricade and fire his weapon.
She's tired of crying. The pain still scours her core, but the tears just won't come. They've had their fill of falling, but it's just as well
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 1 0
Ciel x OC - Skyfall (Chapter One)
She's cold. Hungry. And not entirely sure where she is.
The young woman opens her eyes, her blurry gaze falling on the river, which reflects the full moon back onto her pale, naked skin. A light dusting of snow covers the cobblestones, and a fresh layer is falling from the black sky. She shivers.
Uncurling from her fetal position, she moans as each and ever muscle in her body protests in unison. She resorts to just lying on the freezing ground, taking in her surrounding with curious cerulean eyes.
It seems to be a street corner of some kind. There's a lamp burning to her right, and a neat row of little shops facing the river, their windows dark and devoid of recognizable features. The entire length of the road she can see is empty, in both directions.
The young woman closes her eyes, the wind rustling her copper hair across her shoulders and back. Some time later - she's not really sure how long - the vague sounds of horse hooves and clattering wheels catch her ear. She thinks to cry o
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 0 0
I Never Asked
They never asked her where she went. Neither did I.
It was November the first, if I recall, and an unusually blustery day at that. The wind was that special kind of sharp, and the sky that deep shade of purply-grey. The leaves had all but lost their autumn splendor, trading the crimsons and golds for deep, sick browns. They blew in little cyclones, the dry rattle of their husks making a unearthly backdrop for the evening's happening.
Dinner had been ham and potatoes, the good old-fashioned Sunday dinner courtesy of her mother, and dessert was chocolate cake and sweet wine. I was clearing the table, blowing out the candles, turning off the dining room lights. Her parents were washing dishes in the kitchen, and Gail, she was looking out the window into the yard.
I found her a few minutes later, pulling on her jacket and mud boots in the front hall. She asked if I wanted to join her for a walk, that it might be romantic, and smiled her little grin with sparkling eyes. No, I said, the wine
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 3 7
In a strange, gentle way, I guess I've always known him. True, we've never spoken, never felt the other's skin in a tremble. Never crossed paths in any way than to walk across the marble tiles in succession, like some childhood game.
I feel that we've been friends all along, floating along the course of events that each day bring us together, a long lost romance of unspoken tongues, pulling each of us across the polished floor to sit beside each other to hold a foreign yet familiar soul.
With the slightest of gestures, he flicks his eyelids upwards, his eyes lighting in blue flames; flames of passion, flames of remembrance. When his gaze is set on me, I flush with fear - fear that I'll stand and glide across the floor like a feather on a glassy calm lake. Fear that no matter how hard I fight to repress the very nature of my being, that there will be another notch on the bedpost caked in blood.
The train sounds its last warning, bidding me to come be wrapped in its safe, speeding asylum
:iconteddyten:TeddyTen 1 0
The Nix by TeddyTen The Nix :iconteddyten:TeddyTen 2 8



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United States
I'm Jess, from Michigan. Whoopee, I know.
And now for something completely different.


"x Reader" One-Shots
These are generally 500-1,000 words in length. Can be from any of these fandoms:

- Hetalia
- Black Butler
- Attack on Titan/SnK
- Doctor Who (9th - 11th Doctors)
- Torchwood
- Supernatural
- Criminal Minds
- More Coming Soon!

These generally have little to no connection to canon plot as they are more like snapshots of the Character x Reader relationship. Hetero relationships only for now, as I'm working on becoming more comfortable with other couplings but am not quite there yet.

All I need from you are the fandom, character in question, and one or two little snippets about what sort of story you're looking for. For example:

"I'd like an Attack on Titan fic with Armin, something cute and having to do with the reader's birthday."

Otherwise, you're giving me creative reign! Muahaha!

Will take a few days to finish.


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